Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Need advice

It is my hope some of you may have some great suggestions for me on this subject.
Seems I deal with it more and more at work and do not know how to reply always.Sorry to say at times I join in,but have been working very hard at not joining in.
I am talking about people with negative attitudes.Ones who back stab, and always have a complaint. When i suggest that they take it to the boss I always hear a "No she will not do anything anyway".I respond by saying..."Well how can they if you do not tell them"?
Uggg it almost drains me some days.
Sooooo how do you handle these kind of co-workers??? Any suggestions would be helpful.
And no I cannot just tell em to shut up.That is not the way a lead mentor does things.


~verna said...

Have you tried telling them they have 2 choices, take it to some who can make a change OR keep it to yourself. I'm not good at this kind of thing either.

Janet said...

Apparently, I'm not good at those kinds of things either. I usually just avoid negative people. But my mom always taught me that for every negative thing a person says, say something positive. Hmmm.....

k1 said...

Ask them if they want to be part of the problem or part of the solution. They have two choices.

They either take their concern to someone with the authority to do something, or be quiet.

By reporting it, they are being part of the solution, by taking steps to fixing it. By griping non stop, they are not only not contributing to fixing the problem, but they are enabling the problem to persist AND they are creating another problem by alienating the people around them that may agree with the issue but are tired of the negativity.

Carol said...

no suggestions here..but I feel for you...I actually quit a job because my boss was always negative...everything was always horrible....she hated her job and when she walked thru the door it was like a black cloud...I finally couldn't take it anymore and gave my I'm glad I don't have to deal with that anymore....have you tried humming....LaLaLa......LOL