Friday, November 21, 2008

Over heard at work

I am posting just a few of the things my co-workers and I have overheard in the past from the residents.Some gave us have a hearty laugh.
1. Conversation between two people one a retired pastor.
Pastor to a lady resident.I have not seen your husband around for a while where has he been? Lady responding...He has been dead for ten years you dumb ass!!!!

2.Please let me sleep,I do not want to dance the JIG!!!So nice of you to offer but my legs no longer work.

3. One resident called and told her daughter that a staff member was fired for beating up her roommate.The daughter called her sister to ask if it was true.(mmmm excuse me but mom is demented).

4.Lady who is very hard of hearing talking to her daughter as a nurse leaves the room.(She is much nicer then she looks.)

5.Residents talking shortly before the election.So who do you think the next president will be,McCain or Osama Bin Laden????

6.After a man who will very very seldom go to any activity was to one.That man (not me an other worker)should be hung upside down for 30 minutes a day for making me sit through that with all those old white haired ladies in wheel chairs.

These are just a few that come to mind at the moment,but I know there are and will be many more.There is seldom a day where we do not have a few good laughs.

Have a great weekend all!!


crazylady said...

I have the urge to ear candle this man's wax. Thankfully he cut his ear hair for this picture.

Token Male's Man trimmer broke and I was HORRIFIED to find out how fast his nose hair grows, and that he has these cat like whiskers growing out of his eyebrows if not hedged regularly.
So even men have to do some 'maintenance' on the bod. I wish more men waxed their backs.

Janet said...

Fun! My kids say those kind of things too....LOL!