Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do your thing

I got my flu shot today.Have you gotten yours?????Play it smart.
Dont have this happen to you this winter.
After all I need to take care of the old folks.And you are needed too.
Go out and get your shot!!!!!!!


Janet said...

I've already done it. WITH all my six kids. I deserve a medal. Really, I do. :-)

crazylady said...

pull down your pants and I'll inject you again. :) You can never carry enough protection.

I react to the vaccine. The freak I am. Third time, was not a charm.

But all of you still need it and then you can all stop breathing and coughing in my face when you talk.

insanemommy said...

Yes, I got my flu shot and I didn't cry. I was a big girl.