Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Almost that time again

In just a little over a week I will be spending much of my time in this windmill information booth.During the three days of the festival I spend my mornings telling people where to go,where to find it,where to eat,where the restrooms are where the tulips are, you name it I will try to answer it.As long as it pertains to our Tulip Festival.One year I had a women ask what time the chicken races started. I assured her there were none here.She became upset arguing that they were indeed here.I politely assured her in all my years here there we NEVER any chicken races!!!
At about 1:00 p.m. I find my dancing partner and join the adult Dutch Dancers performing for our guest.And I do mean performing.In years past dancers have gone the wrong way,fallen,had skirts fall down and one year had my dance partner not grabbed on I would have shown a little more of me then I had wanted to,hence the wearing shorts under the costume.
After the dancing I go and carry Dutch flags through the parade followed by pushing the flower cart.
It is three fun filled busy days that I just love!!!!It is fun to greet visitors to our town and talk to them.It is fun to graze my way through all the food vendors and eat all kids of junk food.
Oh and on Saturday afternoon after the parade a friend and I get on the public address system and chit chat about the festival for 2 hours.By then there is not much to talk about but it is good comedy for the people walking the streets.
Who knows maybe I'll post some pictures.
For more information or to see more picture of the festival go to


Sue said...

I'll be there to take some pictures too. you can be sure to see yourself on my blog! You make the best Dutch guy in town.

Lady in Waiting said...

You forgot to tell them that you look like a lobster at the end of Tulip Festival!!!! :) We're gonna miss seeing you this year - but we know you'll hold it all together while we're gone!

Rony said...

I bet your town smells soooo good!!

Lady L said...

It's a wonderful time (even for a transplant like myself). I enjoy watching you in all your different roles. Let's pray for great weather. You should walk with us in the Tulip Walk?!?!

OH MY #6 said...

Oh my, how fun is that! I love tulips. As a matter of fact if I where a flower I would be a tulip! that is awesome.


Joan said...

I didn't get to go this year. I used to live in Pella but now in Marshalltown. It wasn't the best weather this year...