Friday, May 23, 2008

Let us not forget

Let's remember the real reason of the Holiday and not just think of it as a three day weekend.
I always think it is sad that we often forget the real reason of the holiday.Not the kick off to summer beginning,school being done,an extra day off work with pay.We need to remember those who fought for our freedom.Those who gave their life so we can be here now.
Take a moment this weekend and on Monday to remember those who lost their life for us.Say a prayer for our troops in Iraq, for their loved ones hear in the states.For those who fought and lost.The kids who have a mom or dad who will not return home.The son or daughter who you want to tell you love them,but will never see again.
God Bless our Troops!!!!!


Whitty's Four said...

Well said Brian.
They deserve our many prayers.

OH MY #6 said...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.


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redmaryjanes said...

Wonderful post Mr. Brian.