Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last of Lost Josie Talks

I decided now that I have calmed down and am again breathing normal and my heart has stopped racing I can fill you in on the last of the Josie on the loose saga.

After work yesterday my neighbor and I decided to make some fliers to place around Alton where Josie was lost.I put them in several businesses and on stop signs where Josie was last seen.(I thought if Josie read it and forgot our home number it would help her to call).
I had come back home and was writing an updated blog about what I had done when my cell phone rang.I answered it and it was thew lady who had groomed Josie.She said .."Brian I have miss Josie here waiting for you to pick her up." I could not believe it.I honestly thought I would NEVER see her again.
When I went to get her she told me where she was found and who found her.Josie and I were together and went to the house right away.The family was all outside and I just asked to talk to my hero.The high school aged daughter was my hero.She explained to me she was with her nephew and was outside near the river and saw something.Upon further investigation they decided it was a dog and went to get her.
Thanks to the groomer spreading the word of Josie being lost the mom had heard from her other daughter who worked in the bank about the dog.They took Josie to the groomer who gave her a bath and called me.
We are all doing fine,however I can tell Josie is still a little traumatized from it all as she does not want to go outside now.
Again thanks for prayers and encouraging words.
I guess unless you have a pet you do not understand how upsetting a lost pet can be.
If anyone knows of a good pet therapist I think Josie may need a few months of therapy!!!!!LOLOL


Sue said...

Oh Brian, I am so relieved that you found her. I was so worried about her I didn't even sleep very well last night. I can't imagine how you must have done. Thank the Lord for the lost being found!

Kim & Jeff said...

Mr. B I'm so happy the Josie is home and is doing well - bet she will stay right by your side from now on when you go outside.

Steffie B. said...

I am so happy she is know I was praying for her.....and you! ;)

OH MY #6 said...

Happy, Happy!


k1 said...

I am so glad you have Josie back!

BTW, A guy from Eastern Iowa said to say "Hi" to you. His family lives not too far from OC.

redmaryjanes said...

I am so glad that Josie was found. I was really worried about what the two of you would do without each other : )