Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A tough one

When I decided to return to work at the nursing home I knew there were going to be some tough day.Some just stressful,some when you wanted to just scream or some where you just did not know what to say to a resident.Today was a day when i did not know what to say not once but twice.And me being at a loss for words in very uncommon.I can usually think of some comment or remark.
Case number one.I walk into the room of a resident who some days is rather confused and some days pretty with it.Today was a with it day. I went into her room to tell her it was about time to go for dinner (lunch).I was about to turn around and walk out when she said,Brian can we talk?I sat down and said yes,(name) what do you want.She said "I get so tired of it all.Day after day we sit here, we eat,we sleep,day after day.I watched one room mate die, I saw one get better from a broken hip and go home.Now my room mate is so weak and going to die too."She went on to say I know it is just the way things are but I get so tired of it, it never ends.It is the same thing every day"
Kaboom man I felt like i was just hit with a good old sharp left hook punch.what can you say to that,what do you say.I just said,unfortunately that is the way things go here,it is a part of life.And quickly got up from the chair and said sooooo are you hungry?

Case number two.Ironically this came from case number one's room mate.Number two is on Hospice and is very frail,weak and right on the edge of death.So close but not close enough.Today she was getting a nasty cough and running a temp.It was decided to send her to E.R..Her daughters were here for a care conference with staff today.(for those of you who are wondering what a care conference is, it is a time family members meet with staff to discuss cares of family members.)After this care conference today the social worker of the nursing home and also of Hospice went to talk to this women.They had to tell her she would not be returning to her home.(this was obvious to all but the women still dreamed it would happen,I think she knew but did not want to accept it).Any way they also had to discuss that she is indeed dying and asked if she was ready to die.I went into her room to take her to the bathroom before she had to go to E.R. and she said to me.....some ladies were just in here and said I am going to die.After some talking I found out that was not what was said but it was the above mentioned I wrote about.
Now the hard part.As i wheeled her to the door to await her ride to the hospital she said to me,maybe the next time we meet we will be strong and healthy and live in the Kingdom of God.
Kaaabooooommmmm, I was not expecting that one either.I just got down next to her placed my arm on her shoulder smiled and said,and what a great day that will be.
There is no amount of training a person can have to have words for comments made to me today.I am just so thankful that I walk with OUR HEAVENLY FATHER EVERY DAY!!!!!! I know he will be with me and place the words in my mouth and flow from my lips to comfort these people.


Carol said...

Wow, having lost both my parents I can relate...you have a rough job. My sister does the same type of work. A doctor once told me that you have to detach from people or you can't work....I'd never be able to do that. I watched what my parents went thru and it's very sad.....I couldn't be a doctor

OH MY #6 said...

I admire you for the job you do. Only a special type of person does this.