Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks Lee

A big thank you to Lee.He is letting me borrow one of his computer towers until he is able to get mine fixed.Seems what was to be a short 4 day problem has turned into a bigger problem.Lee ordered parts and now two times things have come damaged.Lee told me he has NEVER seen this much trouble before.Now before this next part is replaced the damaged part needs to get returned first before they will ship the replacement.

My computer man Lee is amazing.He talks computer talk and asks questions of things I have no idea what he means.He has had no computer training,no special schooling just plain smart.He makes fixing computers look like riding a bike.E A S Y !!!!!!!!!

He was telling me of how he fixed the computers at church and did some things to it I have no idea what it was.As far as I know there is just an off on switch that does it all.He was telling me about how he put one program on the computer at the library too.As he was explaining it it was as if he was speaking Greek.I just would smile and nod my head like I had an idea what he was saying.Something tells me i did not fool him though.

So again thanks Lee, I can now catch up on blogs, check emails and thrill others with my blogging.


Janet said...

Is this "Lee" person secretly my husband? 'Cause he sure sounds a LOT like him! LOL! Glad you at least have a tower while the other one is getting fixed!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you Lee!!
Glad that you are back Mr. Brian. You were missed!

Sue said...

YEAH! I'm glad you're finally back on line! Though we'll miss seeing more of you at the library! It's also good to know friends in'high' places!

OH MY #6 said...

thank you Lee!

From, Lea!

Happy Easter.

Ashley said...

Yeah Lee! :)