Sunday, February 3, 2008

I did it again.

here is one of my snowmen I had up for decorations.As you can see he has deflated and only a head appears.
All my decorations will be up for some time as the cords and extensions are burried under snow and ice.
But the good news is I thing i figured out how to do this.
Next trick ... downloading a video from my camera.... Guess I will be talking to Becky again.
Hmmm my spell check stopped working.Not a good thing for Mr.Brian.


OH MY #6 said...

that snow man pic is really a good one!


Rony said...

I love your new look. You really went all out. Shake it baby!

~Amy~ said...

My spell check stoped working too! What the dilly is up with that?!

K1 said...

spellcheck = ditto

My 16 year old Charlie is on my lap head-butting my hand because he thinks my hands are for petting him, not typing.


crazylady said...

Hey Mr. Limpy,
We're all illiterate here, so no need for spell check honey.
And I wanna see youtube quality adult entertainment video action!

Janet said...

My spell check is dead too. I guess we just have to spell properly now....AAAHHHH!!!!!

Poor little snowman. He looks

nikki said...

That is TOO funny! Poor snowman!

Glad you are getting the hang of this picture thing...Josie is adorable BTW.

Hope work went well today.

Ashley said...

First - love the new look

Second - poor snowman

Third - that is an insane amount of snow!

Fourth - congrats on figuring out how to upload pics! :)