Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do you want to know?????

Being I've been tagged twice now I better play along.But only by my rules.
I will not do the who tagged me or tag anyone else.(Mostly because you've all been tagged already.

7 things you may not know about me.Or maybe you do.
Pleas note-------the information you are about to read is true the names have not been changed to protect the insane (me).
So take a seat,grap your favorite beverage,relax and get ready to be shocked and amazed as you learn more about you pal.Mr.Brian.Maybe you will better understand why I am nuts.LOLOLOL

1.I always HATED school.I would cry until I was sick before school through almost all of grade school.In kindergarden I had to be switched from the afternoon to morning class because all I did was cry until I threw up.I would not eat breakfast or dinner.

2.I almost died when I was an infant.I had phenmonia and was very very sick.

3.I was married for about 1 year back in 1991.Got married in September, was in the hospital for severe depression by November,left my wife and her kids in July,and was divorced by November.Not one of more prouder moments of my life.

4.My favorite meal is breakfast (if I can go out for it) Ham and cheese omlet hashbrowns and wheat toast with coffee.. Nothing better on aSaturday morning.

5.I sweat very easy, therfore I keep my house cool all the time.

6.I have not had more then 1 or 2 dates since I divorced.And I am OK with that.

7.I enjoy cooking but hate cleaning house.And I can leave the house without making the bed,after all it is just going to get unmade again anyway right???

Now as you recover from the shock of the things I posted leave you comments and try to still love me.Yeah like you gals could forget me!!!!!!NEVER I am your comic relief, you male schmoozer,.
I am thinking Steff has been tagged several times and not responded soooo Steff>>>>>hop to it girlfriend.
Hugs to all of you.
8. I am a poor speller and wish spell check would get fixed soon.If one of you could contact them P L EEEEEEE AAAAAA SSSS EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


Sam said...


Beckyb said...

Hated school huh??? But you do like to read - that redeems you!!!

krj said...

Oh man, I forgot about my almost dying too! Shoulda posted that. It too was in Bangladesh, they told my parents I wouldn't make it through the night.

Sorry I've lost your blog for so long. Saw your nude bike race over at Sam's. You guys crack me up.

Debz said...

Cool blog, I think I've been here before.
Love the header too cute.
I'll be back.
Your a hoot!

nikki said...

Of course we still love you, dude!

crazylady said...

I was wondering why my nipples harden when I visit.. Turns out it's just the cool ambient temperature all along.

Be ready for a volumous package headed your way. You can stuff it in your pants if you want.. You'll see what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get ready to almost die again.

Having been depressed, divorced and hating school is pretty much the norm these days, so really without that you wouldn't fit in with us real people.
And all I care about is Mr. Right now.
kisses to your bike pads.

OH MY #6 said...

Awesome post. Thank you for sharing.


Janet said...

Well, you're ARE strange. But then, you fit right in with all the rest of us weirdos.....LOL!

cougchick said...

I see nothing strange about you. I think a little abnormal makes you more normal and more importantly it makes you REAL.

I'm frightened by Sennie's comment. What does she have in store for you??? Be careful when that box arrives!!!

redmaryjanes said...

You are right, we could never be without you.
I think those are good and honest answers. I knew that you were married before and what happened with that. I was married before too.
That makes me sad though to think of little Mr. Brian so afraid at school. : (

Sue said...

You know we would love you anyway! Who among us doesn't have warts and what not. Some just don't show as much as others.!!