Friday, May 25, 2007

My little Josie (the dog)

If nothing else I made Bob Barker happy today. I did as he tells everyone every day at the end of The Price is Right had my pet spayed or nutered in this case it was spayed.
Yes my little Josie is no longer a little girl she is now a little it.LOLOLOLOL When I was younger I always thought if a dog was fixed they became an it.I guess sine men and women do not become it's when they are fixed dogs should not either.
Since I had to be at work today and could not pick Josie up I had asked my dad to do it for me.He was to keep her at their house until I got off work.BIG mistake!Grandpa and grandma spoiled her rotten when she was at their house.I called dad and asked how Josie was doing during my lunch break and was told she is doing fine. I am feeding her one kibble at a time as we speak.I asked what did you say? Yes dad was hand feeding the little princess as we spoke.Come to find out later mom and dad thought that it was to hard for Josie to get down to drink so he held the water dish next to the pillow on the couch so she would drink.They go on to say they think I should have some soft pillow for her to lay on at home to because they think her incision hurts when she lays on the carpet.LOLOLOLOLOLOL I think grandpa and grandma we a little over protective of their little princess as they call her.
I got home let my other dog Charlie out and Charlie and Josie ran and chased each other around like they always do.Josie has been jumping on the couch to lay by me so I say she is doing fine. If grandpa and grandma ask I will just say.... she was more relaxed at your house. Maybe she better come back for a visit, and be hand feed something good to eat.
MOM even went as far as to put a note on the door (I hope to only humor me)Quiet please post surgical dog resting.I think if anyone had stopped at their house they would have called for the men it the white jackets.
Note how I do not leave you hanging mid story like some people do!!! Steffie????
Have a great weekend everyone. And let's remember the real reason of this weekend, to honor those who so proudly served for our country.God Bless!!!!!


Steffie B. said...

You crack me up....I nearly spit my water all over my comuter screen last night when I read your comment! Part two is coming's a holiday weekend ya know....and I do have Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing Teen and Thing Hubby to take care of! When I'm not blogging of course! lol I can't believe your parnets waited on the pooch like that......that was hilarious! Have a great weekend.....oh and I would love to be your dancing partner next year at the Tulip festival! Tell Becky that the tribe is staying with her! lol

redmaryjanes said...

I'm packing my bags and moving in with your Mom and Dad! They are HUGE spoilers! That's great for your little princess pooch though. : )

LIZ said...

I hear you need help finding the Diamonds!! Look again...6 are on the boat...where the registration number ususally is and the seventh is in the title.

Beckyb said...

You responsible pet owner, you!!!!

Steffie B. said...

Are you happy now Mr. Brian??????? were stressing me out! lol ;)

Roy and Lori said...

Mr Brian you are something else!

Take care my friend!!!