Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lilac Bush

The first and second week of May almost always bring a great smell to my back yard.You walk into the yard and just breath in the wonderful smell.A smell I just happen to love to smell.I have two lilac bushes in my back yard that produce many many lilacs. I love nothing more then to pick a bunch and put them in my house for a wonderful smell. I will always take a large handful over to my mom as well. My neighbor and I will get out a ladder to reach those on the top of the bush.I think she loves them as much if not more then I do.
This year it is not looking to promising for them. Our cold freeze in mid April seems to have damaged the buds.Most of the buds look brown and dead.There are a few starting to bloom at the very top of the bush however I do not think I will have as many as most years.
You never know... maybe I will look out there in a few days and see a bush in full bloom. I can only hope!!!
As I look around town things are slowly blooming. Tulips look like they may bloom, trees are filling in. It's great to hear the birds singing as I walk out he door at 5:00a.m. to go to work.(It may not be so great in the winter though).
What a wonderful time of the year.Seeing everything come to life.
It's also fun to see what people did during the winter. As women shed their winter coats you see a little more of them then you did in the fall, and do not need to ask what they've been up to.LOLOLOLOL Nine months later we know.I am waiting for the baby boom in December of this year after our big March snow storm.
Sorry that is some of my mom and my warped humor showing there.


Beckyb said...

Our lilacs aren't out yet either - I am hoping soon though - they are my favorites!!! Those and the hosta coming up - I love that!!!

redmaryjanes said...

There are about 50 lilac bushes that line the road that we drive through to get to where we live. They are huge and smell so wonderful when they bloom!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the smell of lilacs on a cool morning! I, too, am so glad to see Spring blossoming all around us!