Monday, April 20, 2009

Needed a new look

After the winter was over I decided I was in need of a beauty makeover.I was tired of the same look I had for some time,not to mention the extra baggage I had as well.

So I know what you are thinking,gee how bad did things look? Could winter be that bad?What person would addmitt this on their blog?

Hold on I am not talking about myself here, I am refering to my blog.So if you are in need of a makeover for spring,if you want a new look,if you want to help a great cause doa s I did and have Busy Mama Blog Designs help you like they helped me.

Just click on the link at the busy Mama Blog Design logo on my side bar and give them some business.You will be glad you did,and you will be helping a great cause to bring Jada Faith home.


k1 said...

Nice new look. Like the black and white patterned background. Now, where have I seen that color scheme before. Hmmmm, it'll come to me.

Brian, thanks for you kind comments about my Charlie. He was a special critter. Probably as dear to me as Josie and your Charlie are to you. Give them extra hugs.

Janet said...

Love the new digs! Spring has sprung!