Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finding the right words

No one ever told me the hard part of my job would be finding the right words at times. There are the common easy asked questions,what's the weather like,what time is it,what is for lunch,when will I get my bath???You get the picture.However there is no way to be prepared to find the words to say to the husband who just lost his wife.There are no words to say when a resident asks where is my _________ ?( you fill in the blank).But two of the hardest questions to answer are, I wish the good Lord would take me,why don't I die,and what do I have to live for,followed by I will never leave here again.
Finding the right words are not always be easy.It breaks my heart to hear the 102 year old lady saying I think God forgot about me. To hear the almost 101 year old man saying he wishes he could die and be with his wife again. I do not think there are ever the right words,but maybe just maybe letting them know I understand even if I do not have the answers helps.To reassure them that one day they WILL be in their heavenly home, reunited with loved one.Is that enough???
Seeing the spouse crying as they empty out the room of their spouse that has just passed away, and all you can say is I am sorry or you have my sympathy.Is this enough????
Every day we are faced with a challenge of finding the right words.Be it with our parents, siblings, friends, children or spouse we often struggle to find those words.
Are you ready? Do you have the words to say to someone.Knowing that I walk with the lord daily helps me to know maybe I will have those words I need. Tomorrow.... what will tomorrow bring.Are you ready????Will you have the words???
May god bless you and your family as I have been blessed.


Janet said...

WOW. What a great post. I pray that God will give you the right words when you need them, Mr. B. Certainly that must be the hardest part of your job. Bless you for doing it.

Pam said...

Very touching. I also pray that God will always give you the words that these people need to hear and that you will always be listening for them.

k1 said...

I can be so hard. I remember my Grandma would cry each time she woke up and realized she was still alive. She would ask why God wouldn't let her come home. We didn't have the answer either, except that He had a purpose, no matter how confusing it was to us.

Begin each shift with a prayer that God will give you the right words at the right time for the right person, and see what happens.