Saturday, December 6, 2008

Heart Broken

Lets all let out a big Ohhh poor Mr.Brian!!!!
Some of the staff and I were joking with one of our residents the other day and just having some good times.One of the gals told the resident to tell me (Mr.Brian) that I was handsome.This lady looked at me looked at the other gal and said...
that would be a lie!!!!!!Ouch!!!!So maybe she is not so demented after all,
Later that morning the same resident was sitting in the hall and I was pretending to be singing along with Christmas carols being played in a room.This fine lady just looked and looked at me.I said to her Mildred you look at me like i am crazy.
She rolled her eyes and just said well!!!!!!
Old people and little kids.... they speak the truth!!!
Have a great weekend.I need to go wipe tears from my eyes.


crazylady said...

you have old man smell, but I love you anyways.

Janet said...

Oh dear! A blow to the old ego, huh? HUGS to you....feel better?