Monday, September 15, 2008


Loving it!!!!
Fall is in the air.Warm,but not hot days.Cool evenings.Leaves changing.High School football on Friday evenings.Leaves falling.No need to run the A.C..Bon Fires.
Take time to look around at the wonderful colors on the trees.See the fields (for those of us with country side close.)The beans are turning,as is the corn fields.
If you winter haters try not to think of what is to follow ,fall is a great time of year.
Take the time to enjoy the colors!!!!!
Take time to enjoy the day!!!!
Take time to play ball with the kids!!!!
Take time!!!!!!
Take time before it is to late!!
Life is short my friend tomorrow we may not have the chance.
Forgive those who wronged you.
Smell the coffee.
Play in the leaves!!!
Let the dirty dishes sit in the sink,go play tag with the kids.
Take a day away from blogging and enjoy the day!!!!(gasp,oh myy can we (I) do that)???
So what am I saying????
Enjoy life!!! We have no idea what tomorrow brings so live today to the fullest and enjoy it.
May you be as happy tomorrow as I am today!!!!
May you be as blessed with friends as I have been.
May God bless you as I have been blessed.
May you be as loved as I am loved.(just not sure who she is)????LOLOLOL
Wishing you happiness to flow over and spread to others>> Make it happen.
Smile and watch others smile with you!!!!
Now go out and make the day special for others!!!!!!!!


Janet said...

Great post, Mr. B! Full of TONS of positivity! Thanks!!!!

k1 said...

Wonderful words of wit and wisdom

crazylady said...

Fall means raking up leaves embedded with my dog's poop hidden.
One of my glamour jobs.
Yup, Fall is about purging. Of release (bowel or otherwise)and letting go. Shedding our skin and leafing it behind.
Missed you.

redmaryjanes said...

Love this post! Yeah, I'm going to have a great day too, I love the fall :)

cougchick said...

good advice. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Wonderful post, Mr. Brian!!! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy life...every minute of every day!

Steffie B. said...

I couldn't agree with you more! ;)

Whitty's Four said...

Hey Brian,
You forgot to mention your Birthday. Another reason to be thankful!!!
Karen W