Thursday, September 25, 2008

I thought you said

As I was helping one of our more confussed residents today she gave me a huge laugh.I was taking her to the bathroom to toilet her and wash her and dress her.I was getting ready to have her sit down on the toilet,so I had taken her panties down and was getting her nightie pullend up.I had her lined up with the toilet and said okay now sit Mable.Without missing a beat she spit on the floor.Fighting back a huge laughter I bit my lower lip and said no Mable I said sit.She replied OH I thought you said spit.
Sure am lucky she did not think I said the sh first followed by the it.
For you slow ones out there put the sh and the it together.Ohhh now you gewt it right????
Anyway just one more adventure in the saga of All in a days work.
And you think you have a fun job!!!!!


Janet said...

LOL! Yeah, I'm glad she chose to SPIT and not ....well, you know....:-)

crazylady said...

I heart you.
That was funny indeed. Or maybe she did hear you and thought she might get away with it. I'd try.
I'm going to be such fun in my golden years. Retire early my friend.

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh!

Well, at least she is obedient, right!?

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

k1 said...

Gotta love our seniors

Whitty's Four said...

I got laugh out of that one!!

insanemommy said...

Omg. Thank g-d you were not in her line! You may have gotten a little gooey.... lol.. Gotta love our elderly. Actually, I've seen the young do this as well as our professional athletes. Oh, now I see where she get's it.