Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Six word memoir

K1 tagged me some time ago to do a six word memoir to tell about me.Not wanting to make a cop mad I decided to play along.(Better late then never)

So here it goes.
1.Always wanting to make others happy.
2.Love playing practical jokes on others.(fun not hurtful)
3.Waiting to have my weekend off.
4.Hoping K1 is happy I obliged.
5.Head hurting from thinking these up.

And there you have it!!!!
Hope you have a great day.
And remember always smile..... it makes people wonder wheat you are up to!!!!
(TRUST ME IT WORKS)!!!!!!!!!!!


k1 said...

You only had to do one, but I like them all. Thanks for being a good sport!

OH MY #6 said...

cute post!


heather said...

really interesting to see you blogging. i don't know you, but my nana is in a nursing home, and the staff are v generous and friendly. i appreciate the work they do alot.

anyway! i wonder who that cartoonist is? in your header?