Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breathing easier now.

Any one who has ever worked in health care will sympathize with this post.
The annual state nursing surveyors just left today after being here since Monday.They come once a year,(unless called for a complaint)and are normally here anywhere from 3-5 days.Usually it is 5 so we were lucky they left in 4 days,actually they left around noon today.
They come in unannounced,and put the fear of Barbra Walters in you.They are there to find errors in cares,charting,documentations you name it they look for it.Some times it can be as simple as touching a door and not washing your hands before you go on to the next resident.They will pay extra attention to several resident and want to see all the cares we do from bathing to putting them on the toilet,to the nurse passing their medication to making sure the food is at a specific temperature.
The first few years I was scared stiff when they came around, now I just chat with them, and find out about them and schmooze em as much as I can.
Lucky for us the three that came this time were all very nice and friendly,and not intimidating at all.
I chatted with one about her dogs and joking she started her job when she was 10 years old since she had been doing it for 12 plus years.(Hey I told you I was schmoozing them).
Over all we did a great job,they were impressed with the good friendly staff, and commented on how well the residents spoke of us.
Out boss left for vacation after they left with a huge smile on her face and a even bigger weight lifted of her shoulders.
So until around this time next year we can breath a little easier now.
One funny resident storey....
One lady who is often sleepy and does not talk much rang her call light the other day.When the aid went in to see what she wanted the resident told her she was going on a train ride.a little while later she rang again, this time I went into the room only to be told she was going in the buggy and would not be back until tomorrow,without missing a beat she looked at me and said..... SEE YA LATER!!!!
How many of you can say your jobs bring you so much enjoyment.

ON a sadder note one of the residents passed away Tuesday.Talking with the family and hearing their praises for what all the staff did for her made me so proud.Talking with her children and being at the visitation last night to pay my respects left me feeling so good.Knowing I made a persons finally days on this earth respectful and peaceful makes me so proud.I know God lead me back for a reason and I am so grateful.Having this ladies son hug me tightly and with tears in his eyes thank me and tell me if he were around when my parents died he would be there for me too gave me chills.For my goal in this job is to treat these residents the way I would want my parents treated if they were in a home.
May each of you find a blessing in your works at your job or at home.May you be as richly blessed as I have been.Wishing you joy and happiness and courage to face each challenge God places on your door step.
I think of all of you people waiting for the green light to advance in the adoption process,or those of you who have recently gotten a child and face the struggles that come with the adjusting time.
God will and has placed these children in homes where he knows how greatly they will be loved.May you feel his ever presence each and every day.
Sending my love,


Janet said...

I love how much you love your work, and you are such a blessing to those people! Can you come look after me when I'm old. I promise not to let my horse out of the barn. ;-)

insanemommy said...

In the hotel industry we called it "QA". Quality Assurance, and yep, we too use to shake in our boots when we heard they were making the rounds. Always an unexpected, however whichever hotel they visited last would call the next one in close proximity and forewarn! Too funny.

Love your stories....

redmaryjanes said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went well with the inspection : )
You are such a breath of fresh air!

OH MY #6 said...

have a good week.


Pam said...

I am glad that God lead you back to the work you love. You are doing a great thing.

k1 said...

Inspectors, tax auditors, and food critics are such nerve wracking people!