Friday, June 20, 2008

A baby Story

A few days ago I was getting one of my favorite residents dressed ( I have several favorites).As I was washing her up and dressing her she started taking to me.It can often be interesting what will come out of her mouth.In the past she refereed to one lady as on old bitch,(sorry to say she hit the nail on the head on that one as the lady can be very very nasty at times).She has told me she has a big butt when she tried to sit down and sat on the arm of a chair.Any man knows when a women makes a comment like that you KEEP QUIET and I did.
On this particular day she was talking about children.She was talking about her kids and then it came...... she informed me that she decided she will not have any more kids!!!! I smiled and said why not?? She said well, I am 52 I think I am getting to old to have any more kids.I looked at her and said 52???? I would never have guessed!!!!! (lets say maybe 82). Just proved that a women will NEVER tell her true age.
Have a great weekend friends.


Jenna said...

Ha! Love that story. Feisty older women rock. :)

Steffie B. said...

well.....I'm only 29! ;)

Adoption Blog said...

LoL! That is funny!

My nearly 4 year old DD asked me how old I was the other day...she asked me:

"Mama are you 7???"

7 must be really "old" for her! See it all depends on your perspective!

I found you through Steffie's blog and very much enjoy reading your blog!