Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All Done.

The big day has finally arrived and is finished.My parents moved to their new condo today.The past few weeks consisted of packing boxes and moving them to the new place.Today the movers came and moved all the big stuff.
My sister and her husband from Sioux City came and helped get the folks settled some.The beds are made, the kitchen is mostly unpacked and it was looking like home when I left.
Everyone is tired but I think they are happy to be moved.
Now when the old place sells they can relax even more.
I will enjoy having my days off free again.But I am so happy i could help with everything.
Have you ever heard if you have not used it in the past few years get rid of it.My dad has not, yes he is a major pack rat.Some day I will have the dumpster in the driveway filling it with all the (as he calls them treasures),junk!!!But until then it is a good thing they have a big basement.LOLOL


OH MY #6 said...

best wishes on this change for your mom & dad!


Janet said...

Hooray for your parents! That's great news!

PS- I love the picture of you with the tulips! Every time I look at it I laugh!