Wednesday, July 29, 2009

But God he was only 10 years old.

Tragedy has struck our small community for the second time this month.A few weeks ago a young mother,wife and caring person died from a brain aneurysm.She was only 49.She had remarried after her first husband died at the age of 29 leaving her with 3 small boys.Some years later she remarried and had a child with her new husband.She passed away after a very short illness,leaving 3 boys 18-22 now without a mom or dad, and a 14 year old with out a mom.

Fast forward to this past Sunday.A distant friend of mine lost her 10 year old son in a car accident.the parents are divorced and the son was with his dad for a few days.His older brother was with a different family member at the time.(Gavin) was an unbelted front seat passenger in his dads car when they hit an other car head on after the father crossed the center
There is much more to this very sad story that I do not feel I should share, but there could be multiple charges brought against the dad of Gavin.
This family is in desperate need of prayer.
1.For emotional healing for all the family's,parents,brother,grand parents aunts uncles etc.
2.For the mother to some how be able to forgive the father of the son.(her ex husband).
3.For the 14 year old brother who was always with his little brother.
4.For the many classmates who do not fully understand this.
5.For myself and many others who also do not understand why.As I go to work and see and hear residents talk who want to or in my mind need to (because of no quality of life) die.
6. For a community who grieves the loss as well.
Please pray and ask your friends to pray as well.There are so many hurts and anger and hard feelings that many including me,need to deal with.
Thanks so much,

Gavin Ray Wrather june 10 1999-July 26 2009.