Sunday, August 17, 2008


TWO LITTLE BOY'S - : "After a hardy rainstorm filled all the potholes in the streets and alleys,
a young mother watched her two little boys playing in the puddle through her
kitchen window.

The older of the two, a five year old lad, grabbed his sibling by the back of his
head and shoved his face into the water hole.

As the boy recovered and stood laughing and dripping, the mother runs to the
yard in a panic.

' Why on earth did you do that to your little brother?!' she asks as she shook
the older boy in anger.

'We were just playing 'church' mommy, ' he said.
'And I was just baptizing the name of the Father, the Son and in...the

I know I had e-mailed this to some of you,but it was just to darn cute to pass up and not share it with so many more.
It makes me laugh at how misunderstanding words can really cause problems.Just as when we mess up our lives it can cause problems,and upset others.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.


Janet said...

I could totally see my boys doing that, and me, ready to shake him too!

Michelle said...

Oh, my goodness....that is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing it, Mr. Brian!

I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Steffie B. said... was cute.....oh and BTW....Emmie did not bring her BF (boyfriend) on the trip....BF stands for Best Friend.....a boy along with her....NO WAY!!!!! lol I'm not ready for that yet! Or EVER!!!

Tiffany said...

That is adorable... thanks for sharing!